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Woman born in pub returns on 18th birthday for her first legal pint

To celebrate her 18th birthday, Isobel Casey did something many teens do when they reach adulthood – she went to the pub for her first legal drink.

But Isobel’s first pint was made all the more special because she had it in the pub where she was born in 2002.

Her mum Nicola, who was then a nurse at Papworth Hospital, had been having coffee with friends at the Hartford Mill pub in Wyton when she started to have contractions.

She went out to the called Isobel’s dad Neil and told him the baby was coming but as he arrived and he tried to get her into the car to take her to hospital, her waters broke.

They went back inside and Isobel was born in the pub beside the toddler’s ball pit.

The family moved to Canada when Isobel was four and they haven’t been back at the pub since but dad Neil vowed to take her there when she turned 18.

The legal drinking age in Vancouver, where they live, is 19, so this was her first legal pint.

Neil and Isobel flew to London last week before travelling up to Cambridgeshire and visiting the pub on Friday for her birthday, where they celebrated with friends and family who still live in the area.

She ordered two pints of Green King IPA and she even got to pour her own drink behind the bar.

The pub actually burnt down after Isobel was born but they rebuilt it and Neil says it’s almost identical to the place where he welcomed his daughter.

Isobel loved the trip so much, she’s hoping to return to the UK later this year to study Biology.

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