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‘Lonely’ Yorkshire Ripper ‘begs ex-wife to visit him before he dies’

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has allegedly sent his ex-wife a Valentine’s Day card and begged prison bosses to arrange a video call as he is terrified he’ll never see her again.

The serial killer, who is serving 20 life sentences at the high-security HMP Frankland in County Durham, has reportedly not received a visit from his ex-wife Sonia since December, 2015.

He is now said to be lonely behind bars and has allegedly sent several women Valentine’s cards and asked a prison governor to reassure remarried Sonia, 69, about paying him a visit.

Sutcliffe, 73, was jailed for life in 1981 after murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven more after believing he had been sent on a ‘mission from God’ to kill prostitutes.

He was given the name because he mutilated victims using a screw driver, hammer and knife to and carried out his attacks in Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Sonia, who still lives in the house she shared with the killer but married Michael Woorwood in 1997, always denied she had any knowledge of his crimes and stayed by his side.

Sutcliffe, from Bradford, is allegedly still ‘in bits’ that she won’t visit and ‘tends to mope around and complain’ that he won’t see her again before he dies, according to The Sun on Sunday.

He allegedly blames her no-show on husband Michael, who he calls ‘jealous and childish’ and ‘should accept that Sonia is still in touch with him’.

‘But it is a wonder than she is in touch with him at all, or in fact that anyone is,’ a source told the paper.

Sutcliffe is a category A inmate, meaning a visit would involve a long process of background checks and a police interview.

But the killer has allegedly been begging a governor to set up a banned video call between the pair.

‘He talks to his friends about the ‘Sonia problem’ and is desperately trying to find a way through it,’ they added. ‘That is why he has sent her the card which he hopes she will be able to keep hidden from Michael.

‘He is not getting any younger and is in poor health, so he is very concerned that he may never see her again before he dies, if this doesn’t get sorted.’

Doctors thought the murderer would be dead in weeks last July, having gone almost blind and suffering a number of ailments, including difficulty breathing, high blood pressure and diabetes.

He was said to be struggling to sleep because he was being haunted by the faces of his victims in his nightmares.

The last time Sonia visited the killer was in 2015 when he was at Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, in Berkshire, before being transferred to Frankland where he will remain until the end of his life.

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