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Mum reveals simple hack to stop kids spilling milk and making a mess

We’ve all heard the saying ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ but when it’s the third time this week you’ve scrubbed it off the floor, it’s hard not to.

Letting kids pour the stuff often ends up with it everywhere.

So one mum has a solution, giving kids some independence as they can pour their own drinks, without the risk of overshooting the cup and throwing it all on the floor.

Kate Anderson uses the lid from a tomato ketchup bottle on her milk carton to control the flow.

The lid stops the milk shooting out and spilling when they tip the heavy carton too far.

She said that it fits perfectly and you can still close the top to keep the milk fresh.

You need to give the top a good wash because no one wants bits of tomato ketchup in their cereal.

Kate’s tip was shared by parenting page Happy Mum Happy Child and other parents loved the idea.

Cassie-Anne commented: ‘Really good idea, my bella is nearly 5 she puts her cup on the bench gets the kids stool and uses two hands to tip the milk in to cup. She does it step by step so she doesn’t make a mess she is bloody clever.’

Vanessa added: ‘Oh yes I need this for Mila!! Spills the bloody milk all the time!!’

Lucy said: ‘Needed this the other night when Maisey spilt the milk. Slower pour.’

Of course, some parents said that it would just give their children an easier way to shoot milk around but kids will be kids.

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